We open new stage of future education connecting Europe and Africa, while coronavirus changes the way people find education. We are next stage AI supply teachers platform based in the City of London, founded by university professionals, researchers and Daria - SDGs activist and EdTech innovator.

Coronavirus-related research shows growing risk for schools in countries with ageing population. It's concerning increase of lessons' cancellation. COVID-19 makes over 5% of teachers afraid of the future. To prevent further cancellations, and to reduce side effects of staff shortage in 16 European Union countries, we provide service of well-educated, experienced and very affordable teachers of native English from 21 African countries. English is official language over there. All of them are females, because we co-operate with AWIGE.ORG only (they went through strict registration procedure and are working in national schools only).

They are best way to improve command of real-life English in all 24 countries of the European Union where English is not official language. Now over 80% of students declare they are afraid of speaking English in public, even though they have been learning English for years. Contact with multicultural native speakers significantly reduces the stress children experience. This way our strategic goals are: SDG4 & SDG8. SDG4 for the EU students getting used to global English delivered to them online at school. SDG8 for well-educated African women teaching English remotely from their countries.

Prof. Czubinska
London, 2020

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