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Thanks for your interest in co-operating with StorkSchool CONNECT. You know that we co-operate with female teachers of English from national primary and secondary schools in Africa. We believe in you, that all your experience makes you ready for opening a new stage of your professional career. We believe that education should have no broders and can be a source of decent work for women like us. SDG4 and SDG8 are top priority.

Online teaching has become inevitable in Europe. You can think we live in different world and we run different curriculum at African school. Ok, but in our opinion, it makes us even better teachers now. I run classes according to my own curriculum based on British one. Imagine, over 80% of European students learning English for years in almost all European Union countries, experience real stress before speaking English in public. They are well-prepared by European teachers but they lack the contact with native speakers. Did you even wonder why almost all globally creative youth on Instagram or YouTube are Americans or Brits? We did. We know we can help EU youth to work out a new approach of expressing themselves in English.

16 EU countries experience not only COVID-19 side effect but also shortage of teachers due to ageing population. Please go to AWIGE.ORG to register. StorkSchool accepts only our teachers. Don't afraid of it, you deserve more.

Barbara Opati
AWIGE.ORG Co-founder

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