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We are happy when European schools are looking for our help. It says you know well how important are United Nations' SDGs for the future. Now is the best time to introduce online our well-educated and experienced female teachers from African national schools, strictly registered with AWIGE.ORG. More real-life English lessons with them will let European students not experience stress when they face a need of speaking English in public.

Our research shows that lessons with native English speakers will increase also creativeness of European youth. Our young EdTech innovator is best example: follow Daria on Twitter... The work our African teachers do is very supportive. So, we aim at covering with lessons of global English all gaps made by cancellations happening to your school because of COVID-19

We prepare special offer for European schools to make them ready for new academic year in post-COVID reality. Prices start with only 24GBP / lesson. Please register: HERE, and choose the EMERGENCY PLAN of availability of our teachers to your school on priority demand (with upfront 24-hour notice). We run emergency shifts from September on. Access to it starts from only 120GBP / month. It means that all schools with that plan are able to hire our teachers on first-come-first-served basis, when facing shortage of teaching force. In case you'd want to order trial lesson of English with one of our teachers, write: email. One-off cost starts from 24 GBP only. It will let you assess their skills. Have a look at intro: youtube...

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