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Our terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) make legally binding agreement that governs your use of our organisation called WISEAI Ltd. and all related services we make accessible to you thanks to StorkSchool.com (“Service”).

If you are female African teacher (“Teacher”), our Terms and Conditions should be read by you carefully. By using our Service in any way, you always agree that you understand and accept our Terms and Conditions (including amendments). If you do not agree with our Terms and Conditions, you are not allowed to use our Service. To use our Service, you have to have reliable internet access via smartphone, tablet or laptop / computer equipped with web browser. It’s on you to have data to use our Service. You are also responsible for all information passed by you on to us, via our Service. You agree to use our Service only for lawful purposes and in a way not violating any laws or regulations. Nobody is authorised to use our Service in an unlawful way or to violate of any laws or regulations, licenses or third-party rights. Moreover, nobody is allowed to do anything with our Service that could imply prejudice or damage our reputation.

If we realise that you have used our Service in a way not allowed under these Terms and Conditions, or according to any laws or regulations, we terminate your use of our Service and we are obliged to report it to authorities in our country and in country of your residence. We aim at keeping our Service as accessible all the time but your access may be limited at any time. We have full right to modify our functionalities without any notice. We grant you a non-exclusive and revocable license to use our Service as long as we don’t terminate it. After the termination of your license, you ought to stop using our Service and any benefits related to it. All intellectual property rights in our Service belong to us. By using our Service, you acknowledge that we can process information regarding you to the extent that is required to make our Service useful. We only use your personal data in accordance with GDPR and we are the data controller for it.

You agree that our Service and its content are protected by applicable intellectual property law, including copyright. We don’t claim any rights in any part of your data that you post to our Service. After posting it you continue retaining all ownership rights in such content but you grant to us unrestricted, constant and royalty-free license to copy, distribute and present it in any crucial way. You also agree that you will not post content to our Service that is not true, violates ethics or intellectual property or other rights belonging to another person. You are not allowed to post any content impersonating any person. We reserve full right to decide whether any content that you post to our Service violates any of these Terms and Conditions or which may be illegal. We always may reject or remove your content without prior information.

Our Service is available to you on a temporary “as is” and “as available” basis without further guarantees, conditions or warranties relating to it. We can’t be liable to the fullest extent permitted by law if our Service is unavailable for any reason at any time. Our Service can have links to other websites and services operated by third parties. When we provide link to any third-party website it doesn’t mean we are responsible for the content of the information on such third-party services. We could be only liable to you for alleged loss or damage caused directly and reasonably by our breach of these Terms and Conditions and our liability in such circumstances is limited. To the extent permitted by the law we as well as persons who act on our behalf or persons we enter into contracts, can’t be liable for the following types of alleged loss or damage: any loss of profits, goodwill, business, contract, revenue or data.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions is intended by us to limit your rights as a consumer. However, you agree and understand that we make no warranty with regards to any benefit or advantage you obtain from us using our Service. If our Service contains ads or promotions from third parties, we are not responsible for their content.

To use our Service as School, you must register using our registration form. You hereby acknowledge you have authority to enter into our Terms and Conditions on behalf of your School and you confirm that your School is bound by our Terms and Conditions. You also confirm that your School is EdTech ready, which means you’ve got internet access and electronic equipment enabling remote teaching. Moreover, you acknowledge and accept that: the purpose of our Service is to introduce female African Teachers strictly registered at AWIGE.ORG and European Schools to each other, our Service is not responsible for the Teachers availability through it and accordingly it gives no warranty of constant 100% availability of Teachers, our Service accepts no liability in respect of all possible actions and all possible omissions of Teachers. If you want to make a Teacher provided by our Service working with your School online, you shall enter into contract for hiring such Teachers with us. We are closely co-operating with AWIGE.ORG that is responsible for Teachers control and all crucial checks on Teachers. You also confirm that each time you hire the Teacher you are able to provide Teacher assistant present in the classroom all the time, from the beginning to the end of each lesson, providing all the necessary support Teacher can require.

To use our Service, you must have valid registration with AWIGE.ORG which is the only source of your data to us. You also agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions. Your username in our Service always is your e-mail address and we always use your email address or mobile phone number to contact you. You have to have reliable internet access to be in contact with us. We don’t cover any cost relating to it. Your personal data is kept private and presented to Schools registered with our Service. You hereby acknowledge and confirm that: you have submitted your personal data to AWIGE.ORG without unlawful intention, AWIGE.ORG controls your personal data and instructs us to present your personal information while carrying out the statutory role of our Service, you have given your consent to AWIGE.ORG to provide us with your personal data, and - in case - you decide to withdraw your consent for your personal data to be used in our Service you should instruct AWIGE.ORG of the same.

We can update our Terms and Conditions to comply with law or business needs without noticing you. The latest version is always available on our website. You are supposed to check updates each time you use our Service. By continuing the use of our Service, you confirm that you accept all updates to our Terms and Conditions. We may prevent you from using our Service and we may terminate the legal agreement made by our Terms and Conditions for any reason and at any time. No omission of ours should be found in our Terms and Conditions to make them illegal or unenforceable by any court in full. In case of any omission, all the rest of our Terms and Conditions remains always in full force.

Only you and us are entitled to enforce our Terms and Conditions. No third party shall be entitled to enforce any of our Terms and Conditions. Our Terms and Conditions sets out decent agreement between you and us with full respect to your use of our Service and supersedes all sorts of representations, communications and prior agreements made by you or us. Moreover, our Terms and Conditions are governed by the law of England and Wales, which implies the fact that any dispute arising out of or in relation to our Terms and Conditions, you and we must submit to courts located in England.

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